RTPi’s “Hora dos Portugueses” to continue for a third season

The daily show “Hora dos Portugueses” on Portugal’s international TV and radio broadcaster RTPi/ RTP1/ RDP, will continue for a third season, from January to December 2017. Together with Pedro Rodrigues, Luis Moreira, Daniela Costa (Toronto), and Marta Raposo (Montreal), I will continue my work as a co-producer, content editor, researcher, and reporter dedicated to showcasing Portuguese immigrants and descendants who are doing interesting work in various areas of Canadian society. So far, this season, we have produced segments on a grocer, a bakery chain, a couple of volunteer aid-providers for the homeless, a biochemist, a tattoo artist, a musician, a boxing coach, and a restaurateur, with many more to come.

For a complete list of the episodes that we have produced since November 2015, see the PCHP’s blog under the category “Hora dos Portugueses”.


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